"One of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is time" -Oprah Winfrey


about us

Freedom Home Management creates more quality family time for you. The cupboards are full, the laundry is freshly folded, your dog is happily exhausted from his play park run and best of all your meals are prepped and ready to enjoy!

Imagine what Freedom Home Management can do for your family.

Combining over twenty years of private and corporate event sales and production complimented by volunteer community service, Freedom Home Management provides excellence you can depend on. Proudly serving the Calgary area.



Home services



  • pick up/unpack
  • client online order/prepaid

Meal/Menu preparation



Additional Services

Dry cleaning

  • drop off/pick up


  • in home wash/dry/fold

Pet services

  • dog walking
  • pet feeding (dogs/cats)
  • pet taxi (vet/grooming)

Home wait service

  • contractors etc.

Auto service

  • drop off/pick up car for service/cleaning/detailing





Fees start at $25 per hour includes drive time

Please inquire for more details






Let us know how I can assist so you can live your best life!

You can also contact us by emailing  freedomhomeyyc@gmail.com




"We all loved it! Pascale had dreamy eyes when she talked about dinner."
"I just got home and am eating it now.  So nice!!!!  Thank you! So nice to have a diverse healthy meal! "
"It was indeed heavenly! Another HIT! Wow! We are all so happy!"
"Huge HIT! The whole family is so delighted. Clay and I actually got to ski tonight. These meals are life changing :)"
"I am a ginger nut! I tasted the real ginger ... amazing ... Your choice of meals sound amazing!"
"I just got home. You are awesome!! Thank you so much for doing all that for me! Seriously! To come home to a full fridge put a HUGE smile on my face :-) I was dreading a grocery run since yesterday"
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